The Downloader Is Crashing At 99% On Mac OSX Catalina (10.15)

If you are running Mac OSX Catalina, you will need to install the 10.15 version of our downloader which can be found in your my account section. Once you have the new downloader installed you will need to right-click (Control-Click) and click open, this will allow the downloader to open. 


Mac OSX 10.15 Or Later Downloader:


My Account Section:


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    Ruan le Grange

    Hey guys

    I also had the same problem. It kept stopping at 99%. Downloaded the 50+GB 3 or 4 times LOL.

    But then I figured it must be a drive permissions thing or something since I was downloading straight to my external SSD and it kept doing the same thing over an over. So I had downloaded again straight to my Mac (Downloads) and it worked as normal!

    So now I just do it this way. And copy it over to my SSD when it's done. Boom :D

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    Ruan le Grange

    The other issue I have not been able to sort out though is that the 8Dio downloaded seems to pause often by itself.

    I have a 200mbps fibre internet line so it surely can't be the internet.


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    Brian Wylie

    Hi Ruan, I'm getting the same problem of the downloader pausing itself frequently - about once a minute. Very frustrating. Did you figure out the issue? 

    (Also not my internet here, I'm on 1Gbps internet)

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