What Is The Difference Between Century Strings & Anthology Strings?

1. Century Strings was recorded in a new space - offering incredible flexibility over reverb. Anything from lush hall strings to tight, intimate studio strings. We went through something best described as "hall casting" and went through several environments to find a room that allowed us this level of customization. 6 Microphones (3 Hall - 3 Studio/Close).

2. Century Strings contains both First and Second Violins - recorded at equal fidelity and depth.

3. Century Strings contains over 90GB of Sordino Strings. True Sordino is crucial for emotive writing and it is vastly underrated in sampling. You cannot get that silky Newman sound without them. We sampled them at equal depth to the traditional strings, so you can truly blend the two together, which is a quite common method in scores, yet infrequently mentioned in sampling.

4. Century Strings has more detailed sound overall. A great deal of attention went into capturing real-sounding vibrato and because of the room customization, we got a whole new dimension of air - that we've never been able to capture before. It really does sound like live strings.

5. Century Strings offers complete control over natural dynamic performances (ex. Arcs), which are completely symmetrical across all string groups. One thing we haven't mentioned is that the Century Arcs were recorded both at multiple velocities AND different speed levels. So when you see a single articulation - it actually contains several different sample sets under the hood. The end-user will barely notice - cause it just works, but many months went into this.


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